Virtual Gastric Band Reviews: Some Examples of what People Say About Mindfully Slim


I have more energy and as a diabetic, I suddenly have great blood results.  I noticed this within the first week of the course my blood sugar levels steadied and have stayed steady.  My doctors are very surprised as this has never happened before and have told me to stop my insulin injections as my blood no longer registers as diabetic. I am feeling well, really well having such big improvement in a short time,  my cholesterol is also down to 3.2 from 4.3 and I have lost 38 lbs in weight which is fantastic.  It is such a good feeling getting rid of clothes that are too big and being able to buy smaller sizes.


I have always been a fussy eater and I usually stick to the same kind of food so when I have tried to lose weight in the past many of the slimming programmes have not worked for me.  I must admit I was skeptical about anything being able to change my mind but Mindfully Slim has really worked for me.  I have reduced my size and weight and also tried new foods; in fact I find my food is more tasty and I enjoy my food more now that I pay attention to what I am eating.  The idea of eating less without the help of the relaxation’s would have been impossible but it has been so easy I cannot believe it.  I feel more confident, healthy and bright this course has given me such a boost emotionally and physically.


I feel more in control of my eating and not wanting to buy crisps/chocolate every time I walk into a shop. I have also found it easier to stop eating when I am full, even when I have been out at functions and there have been delicious looking deserts and cakes to tempt me.I think this is all down to the straight forward information and MP3 tracks.


Although I am slim I had been trying to lose about 10lbs mainly from my hips for a while.  Even going to the gym and training hard did not shift it and I was worried; as I was hitting menopause things could get worse.  I am delighted to say I shifted 14lbs in 8 weeks and I feel wonderful.  It has been so easy even though I have thought about crisps, treats and wine I have noticed my desire to over-indulge has gone.  I can still enjoy my treats and I really enjoy my food I just have a lot less of both and enjoy my life, amazing.


I joined Mindfully Slim to help cure my cravings.  Before joining I ate at least 3 bars of chocolate a day, driving as much as 20 miles just to get some.  Now I can go weeks without eating chocolate and I can even have it in the house without touching it. I have lost 47 lbs and I was a UK size 16 but now I am a UK size 12. Thank you so much.


I found this hard at first but mainly due to my own sabotaging behaviour, every hurdle I created for myself there was a technique that helped.  Obviously I had to push myself to do them as I had a lot of emotional baggage linked to food, I am so pleased I have persevered I have lost 35 lbs while doing the 8 sessions and I know I will continue as this is now my way of life.  I have another two dress sizes to go then I will have reached my chosen size and then I will maintain this healthy size as I really enjoy eating less and exercising more.


My job involves sitting at a computer all day and as I was getting older I noticed I was becoming less active and enjoying more wine and snacks.  When I started Mindfully Slim I was shocked how much I was actually eating and drinking, I also thought it would be hard to stop.  I can honestly say it has been really easy it is as though Maureen’s voice just guides you into wanting to make changes.  I often found my mind saying ‘go on, have some chocolate’ but I would just notice it and then choose not too.  There was no hardship it was a healthy choice which I was happy to make.  I just seemed to change the way I think about food, my wife has always been slim and I seem to think like her now.  I dropped from a 38 inch waist to a 34 inch waist in 10 weeks and I have enjoyed it all.  I cannot imagine being any other way about food and drink now, I enjoy when I eat or drink but I do not think about it in between.

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