virtual gastric band conceptVirtual Gastric Sheath
Mindfully Slim is a habit changing programme that uses an advanced version of the Virtual Gastric Band method.  The Virtual Gastric Sheath ™, developed specially by Mindfully Slim’s creator – Maureen Colohan, is a technique that teaches a user to enjoy their food more carefully and thoughtfully.

Most diets fail due to hunger.  Our Virtual Gastric Sheath metaphor teaches you that food is not the enemy: hunger is the enemy of your weight loss ambitions.

You will learn mindful eating habits and skills that will last a lifetime.  Because habits are difficult to change, your learning is supported by the other 3 components of the course.  The manual acts as a reference; the MP3 hypnotic relaxation tracks support your mental state while the video shows Maureen Colohan demonstrating the simple techniques that will act as the keys to your weight loss and target size success.

Mindfully Slim Weight Loss Manual
The Mindfully Slim Manual is full of state of the art change techniques and easy to understand information to make your journey to a healthy, happy, slim you an enjoyable experience.  The manual of mindfulness techniques for eating is downloaded as 7 separate chapters, you receive session one when you purchase.  The links to download session 2 are emailed to you two weeks later and the remaining chapter download links will be sent at two week intervals.  This gives a useful amount of time in which to learn, practise and internalise each of the skills that you learn.  

Mindfully Slim Gastric Band Hypnosis MP3s
You will receive download links for each of the 7 MP3 relaxations at the same time as the chapter from the Mindfully Slim Manual.  The MP3’s use gentle gastric band hypnotherapy techniques which have been designed to help you overcome any challenges you might face.  To achieve a level of mindfulness in your eating habits, it is important that you listen to them daily!  Mindfulness is a learned skill that benefits from repetition of the practises.  You can burn the tracks onto CD or sync them with any MP3 player for personal use at any time of day or night.

Mindfully Slim Video Stream
Maureen Colohan has produced several video clips to help you with the different techniques and practises that can accelerate your success with mindful eating and your resulting weight loss.  When there is a video linked to a module to clarify the new mindfulness exercises, you will receive a link.  Clicking on this link lets you watch the video on line.

This programme of mindfulness techniques works with you to help you release your old emotional attachments to food and drink so that you can reach and maintain a slim healthy size.

Maureen Colohan Director Mindfully Slim

Maureen Colohan

The course lasts approximately 100 days: so at full price that’s just 77p per day and I can guarantee following this programme you will save a lot more than that on your shopping bills.

You pay only £27 that’s just 27p per day

(100  89 left at this introductory price)

All I ask in return is that at the end of each month you fill in and return the evaluation form and provide photo’s and a testimonial of your Mindfully Slim experience.