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Mindfully Slim Success

Working shifts was the biggest problem for Vicki Pearson when she tried to lose weight. Because she starts work in the early hours of the morning and finishes mid-afternoon, she says she never knew quite when to eat and easily Read More →

Mindful Eating and How to Feel Full

Mindfulness and mindful eating are fundamental parts of Mindfully Slim's approach to weight loss help.  Training your body mind to recognise when you have eaten sufficient; being able to feel full when you've eaten enough, rather than when you've stuffed Read More →

Suffering Stomach Nerves Need a Mindful Approach

In a paper published in the International Journal of Obesity, by S J Kentish, T A O'Donnell, C L Frisby, H Li, G A Wittert and A J Page. International Journal of Obesity (30 July 2013), the researchers highlight a Read More →

Mindful Eating and Myths of Body Fat

Brave face about body fat before mindful eating won.For us over 50s, it is often a battle of conflicting interests to keep the blubber at bay and Read More →

Psychology of Eating: Food Is Not Your Enemy!

Psychology of Eating: Food Is Not Your Enemy!

The psychology of eating has become a murky swamp of mixed messages. Our minds have been so bombarded with false information about food that it can seem as if food is Read More →