The Mindfully Slim programme trains you to imagine the possibility of becoming the “You” of your dreams and then make it your highest value. Changes at a ‘values level’ lead to deeper and more permanent results and this course helps you create your ‘slim healthy value’ in session one. The rest of the course and all the mindful eating practises grow from this strong foundation for change.

The Attitudes of Slim Healthy People

Slim healthy people have slim healthy stomachs and Mindfully Slim has studied the behaviours, habits and relationship with food that many slim people have.  Using this research has enabled this mind training programme to bring you the skills and change processes needed to be slim, coupled with state of the art change techniques which make the whole experience easy and relaxing. Following in the footsteps of people who already know how to manage weight naturally, helps you to genuinely become a slim healthy person yourself.

Many people worry that they will stop enjoying food this is so wrong with Mindfully Slim™ you actually enjoy the food you eat. Mindful eating means you pay attention to the taste and the flavours more than when you used to eat on automatic pilot. With automatic pilot we shovel food in until we are bloated and full. Being Mindful allows you to avoid physical bloat and discomfort from over eating by noticing the messages from your stomach when they happen. With Mindfully Slim you eat the right amount of healthy tasty food until your body tells you it is satisfied.

The Mindful Behaviour Changes You Can Achieve

Each relaxation track is linked to an aspect of new behaviour and enables you to make changes at a deep level that create a link between your intuitive body, mind and your eating habits. This link gauges the amount of food you need each day to reach your chosen body size and then maintain it for the rest of your life. The relaxations and the support manual help you re-train your conditioned responses to food and drink. This puts an end to emotional eating and drinking while allowing you to genuinely enjoy the food you choose to eat and what you choose to drink.

When we link food to emotions we give up control and choice, with Mindfully Slim you gain back control and choice and enjoy the process. You enjoy eating smaller portions and feel motivated to exercise your body, simply by listening to the relaxation tracks provided with the course.

The Virtual Gastric Sheath

It really is that simple you only eat what your body needs for the energy you use each day. The Virtual Gastric Sheath™, an advanced version of the Virtual Gastric Band metaphor, convinces your body you have in fact got a thin plastic sheath reducing the size of your stomach. You then take in only the right amount of healthy nutritious food for healthy weight loss. The Virtual Gastric Sheath™ works together with your intuitive body mind to create this balance, all you have to do is follow the programme and watch your body shrink to your chosen healthy happy size.

Maureen Colohan’s Own Journey to Mindful Weight Loss

I had always been a slim person but as I got older each year, my body seemed to gain a few pounds.  Shortly before my 50th birthday I experienced the death of my son; quickly followed by moving to a new part of the country because of my husbands job.  I then truly discovered comfort eating  and drinking and started my first journey into yoyo dieting.

I was lucky as the weight always seemed to go on quite evenly.  I did the rounds of a couple of weight loss clubs and tried a variety of plans but whatever I lost… I gained again.  Eventually as my weight crept up yet again I decided to use my professional skills as a therapist and  a Mindfulness Teacher to help myself and Mindfully Slim was born.

You might be asking what is Mindfulness, well it is the practise of  being aware of what you are doing, thinking and feeling so you can stop living your life on automatic pilot and start taking control.  Sounds a bit scary, doesn’t  it?

Don’t worry!  With our easy to follow hypnotic relaxation MP3’s you just sit back and let the changes happen.  Using Mindfulness around food and drink and  linking it with the therapeutic self-help practises means you can enjoy making the changes.  You will learn how to use ACT, NLP and EFT to achieve break-through results against any long standing barriers to your goal of becoming the slim healthy size you choose to be.  As you benefit more and more from following this  programme your motivation increases until being your slim healthy self is the only motivation you need.

Extra Support:

If you have long standing issues related to trauma, loss, body image or emotional problems, you may need some extra support with this programme.  You can access one to one coaching by telephone or via Skype at a cost of £30 per 30 minute session.

Email: to book a session or for more information.