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Do you want to experience how mindful eating helps you:

  • Shrink the size of your body with the power of your mind
  • Say goodbye to mindless eating and excess drinking habits
  • Easily create your ideal healthy, happy, slim you
  • Think, Act and Behave like a slim person
  • Be the healthy size you dream of being

If you answer yes to any of these questions then read on!

Are you searching for long lasting, safe and natural weight loss help; to increase your will-power and motivation while becoming your dream size, then Mindfully Slim is just perfect for YOU. It’s simple, just listen to the relaxation’s and do the mindful eating exercise strategies to change your mind’s relationship with food. Mindful eating and weight loss are natural partners which can help you create your own virtual gastric band, avoiding the need for gastric band surgery and it’s side effects and complications.

Mindfully Slim is a safe natural alternative to the usual weight loss diet plan most of us think of first. We are based in the UK, but the course is available worldwide as a set of downloadable resources. Maureen Colohan is available to coach your weight loss motivation should you need that extra support. Book on-line coaching when you buy the downloadable course.

If you live near Carlisle, or prefer face to face accountability; come to a course or one to one coaching in the great Border City of Carlisle up here in Cumbria, for extra support.

Visit our Mindfully Slim Facebook Page for dates and times of courses in Carlisle or ring Maureen on 07771 846479 for a chat.

New updated on line programme to be published March 2018.

Next course with Mo starts 22nd Jan 2018 in Carlisle, Cumbria UK 6 to 8 pm.

Visit our Facebook page or email admin@mindfullyslim.co.uk for more details.

What you get in the Mindfully Slim Package?
  1. 7 downloadable mindful eating support sessions
  2. 7 Weight loss motivation & relaxation MP3s
  3. Video streaming of mindful eating tips & training
  4. Stomach shrinking and mindful anti-craving eating exercise
  5. The unique Virtual Gastric Band relaxation/ mp3/ exercise/ hypnosis
  6. The MindSlide emotional change processing technique
  7. This builds into a comprehensive package of on-going support
  8. The value of this package is easily £207 and our normal price is only £57.00

But for a limited time only, start your size shrinking exercises and join Mindfully Slim’s weight loss success stories today for the bargain of just £27.00

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All we ask in return for this wonderful bargain, is a little monthly feedback, photo’s and a testimonial.

Not ready to believe that Mindfully Slim is what we say on the box? That’s absolutely understandable. How about a trial? A free lesson?

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